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Common problems of cantilever beam pendulum impact tester

Common problems of cantilever beam pendulum impact tester

2019/08/14 11:35
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Commonproblemsofcantileverbeampendulumimpacttester Establishedin2009,TaianTianchengTestingEquipmentCo.,Ltd.isanew-typetechnologyenterpriseintegratingdesign,researchanddevelopment,productionandsales,af
Common problems of cantilever beam pendulum impact tester

Established in 2009, Taian Tiancheng Testing Equipment Co., Ltd. is a new-type technology enterprise integrating design, research and development, production and sales, after-sales maintenance, import and export trade. The company is located in the west of Tai'an, 5 km west of Tai'an Station.


Since the establishment of our company, we have continuously innovated and researched R&D, and have passed the EU CE certification and ISO9001 quality system certification. Our products cover all parts of the country and are exported to Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines, Myanmar, Thailand, Indonesia, Angola and Saudi Arabia. , Congo, Spain, Germany, Austria, Peru, the United States and other countries.


The cantilever beam pendulum impact tester is a semi-automatic control test machine with simple operation, high working efficiency, electrical control of the swing, impact and swing, and can automatically swing the remaining energy after the sample is punched for the next test preparation. It is especially suitable for laboratories that continuously perform impact tests and metallurgical and mechanical manufacturing industries that do a lot of impact tests. The cantilever beam pendulum impact tester is a common, mechanical testing device. There are some minor problems in use. You can check the repair yourself to ensure the accuracy and good operation of the impact tester. Here are the repair and inspection methods for common problems:


1. The pendulum should be removed during the moving process to avoid damaging the damaged parts.


2. Do not put the pendulum that is not in use and the vicinity, so as not to deform the pendulum under pressure and bending.


3. The parts of the pendulum shall not be dismantled or replaced at will, so as to avoid changes in the pendulum moment and the striking center position.


4. If it is found that the operating mechanism is not working, and the pendulum or the plug cannot be opened, the relevant parts can be removed and cleaned with kerosene, and a little oil is applied, and the parts are reinstalled according to the original position.


5. If there is no abnormal reason, the pointer should refer to the zero position of the dial after the air strike, and the computer displays 0.01J. If the pointer deviates from the zero position after the air strike exceeds 0.1% of the maximum impact energy of the corresponding pendulum, the calculation display is not 0. Then check the following points. Is the cantilever beam pendulum impact tester looking for a good level, whether the position of the active needle is adjusted correctly and tightened, whether the pendulum rod is bent and deformed, and whether the test machine friction is increased, the nut should be The flange cover is reliably fastened to prevent axial movement of the ball bearing and the swing shaft. Whether the working surface of the hanging pin and the hanging hook has signs of wear. The distance between the magnetic clutch and the armature of the electromagnetic clutch is not suitable. For example, when the three iron balls of the iron-injecting end contact the magnetic end face, the frictional force increases, and the distance between the two is 1.2~2mm. It is advisable to adjust it at the factory.


6. The failure of the pendulum may be caused by the looseness of the motor belt and the failure of the electromagnetic clutch. At this time, it is necessary to adjust the belt tightness, repair the electromagnetic clutch, and eliminate the fault.

The cantilever beam pendulum impact tester generates a signal through a high-speed load measuring sensor. After being amplified by a high-speed amplifier, it is quickly converted into a digital signal by A/D and sent to a computer for data processing. At the same time, the angular displacement signal is sent to the computer for data processing. High precision. It is equipped with high-speed angular displacement monitoring system and force detection sensor and amplifier. It can be used for high-speed sampling and data processing. It can display NT and JT curves, data storage, data report printing, etc. It can instantly measure and record the characteristics of materials during impact. Curves, by replacing the pendulum and the sample base, can be tested in both simple and cantilever beams.