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Application scope and important role of material testing machine

Application scope and important role of material testing machine

2019/10/18 14:45
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ApplicationscopeandimportantroleofmaterialtestingmachineAuthor:Tianchengfourdetectiontechnology Establishedin2009,TaianTianchengTestingEquipmentCo.,Ltd.isanew-typetechnologyenterpriseintegratingdesign
Application scope and important role of material testing machine
Author: Tiancheng four detection technology
Established in 2009, Taian Tiancheng Testing Equipment Co., Ltd. is a new-type technology enterprise integrating design, research and development, production and sales, after-sales maintenance, import and export trade. The company is located in the west of Tai'an, 5 km west of Tai'an Station.
Since the establishment of our company, we have continuously innovated and researched R&D, and have passed the EU CE certification and ISO9001 quality system certification. Our products cover all parts of the country and are exported to Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines, Myanmar, Thailand, Indonesia, Angola and Saudi Arabia. , Congo, Spain, Germany, Austria, Peru, the United States, etc.
The universal material testing machine is not only suitable for the tensile test of rubber, textiles, waterproof materials, wire and other materials, but also widely used in the contemporary aviation, metallurgy, machinery, construction and shipbuilding industries. The application of material testing machines is reasonable. It is of great significance to design engineering structure, save materials, improve product quality, improve process and reduce cost.
Generally, we refer to instruments or equipment that measure the mechanical properties of materials as test machines. In foreign countries, in the more developed industries, most of the research and production of material testing machines are more important. This is because the material testing machine is a foundation. The test equipment in the industrial sector has a direct impact on industrial production and scientific research. In fact, for various industrial production and engineering design, the material testing machine ensures the rational design of various machines, vehicles, ships and structures. And important test equipment for safe operation. To carry out various engineering designs economically, practically and safely, it is necessary to select suitable materials according to the mechanical properties of the materials. Otherwise, it may cause waste or cause serious accidents, and obtain accurate materials. Mechanical performance data, must use a material testing machine.
In industrial, especially military, production, in order to ensure product quality, it is often necessary to verify and test various materials and components or the whole machine. Many important heat-treated parts, such as steel rolls for rolling steel, spindles and vehicles of machines The connecting rod, the transmission shaft, etc.; must be 100% hardness testing. In the metallurgical industry production, with the rapid development of science and technology, many new problems have also been proposed. For example, the development of modern technology requires some special performance. Materials that can work under high temperature, low temperature, high pressure, high speed and various complicated conditions. Therefore, it is necessary to study new materials or alloys. Steel produced by steel mills also needs to be inspected at any time. All these research and inspection work, leaving the material testing machine It is impossible to carry out. Because the material testing machine is designed in a wide range of scientific fields, such as high temperature technology, low temperature technology, vacuum technology, hydraulic technology, optical technology, electronic technology and laser technology, and also applies various tests, records and realistic instruments. Therefore, the development of material testing machines often depends on the level of many scientific fields.