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Hydrostatic testing machine

pipehydrostaticandburstingtesterismanufacturedaccordingtotherequirementsofGB/t6111-2003testmethodforinternalpressureresistanceofthermoplasticpipesforfluidtransportation.Accordingtothedifferenttemperature,pressureandringstressofpipes,differentparametersareinputintotheindustrialcontrolmachine.Thehigh-pressurepumpproduceshigh-pressureliquid,whichistransmittedtothemediumconstanttemperatureboxbyhigh-pressurehosethroughthepressurecontrolsystemThehydrostatictestofthetubewascarriedoutforalongtime.Itisusedtomeasuretheinternalpressuredamageresistanceofthermoplasticpipesandcompositepipes(suchasPP-R,PP-B,pp-a,PE,PE-X,PERT,PVC,PVC-U,PVC-Candaluminumplasticcompositepipes)underlong-termconstantinternalpressureandconstanttemperature.Itisanecessarytestingequipmentforplasticpipemanufacturersandtestinginstitutions.Equipmentuse Itisusedtomeasurethemaximumpressurevalueofthepressureresistanttimeorinstantaneousburstofthethermoplasticpipe,compositepipe,aluminumplasticcompositepipeandotherpipesundertheconstantinternalpressureandconstanttemperatureforalongtime.
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pipe hydrostatic and bursting tester is manufactured according to the requirements of GB / t6111-2003 test method for internal pressure resistance of thermoplastic pipes for fluid transportation. According to the different temperature, pressure and ring stress of pipes, different parameters are input into the industrial control machine. The high-pressure pump produces high-pressure liquid, which is transmitted to the medium constant temperature box by high-pressure hose through the pressure control system The hydrostatic test of the tube was carried out for a long time. It is used to measure the internal pressure damage resistance of thermoplastic pipes and composite pipes (such as PP-R, PP-B, pp-a, PE, PE-X, PERT, PVC, PVC-U, PVC-C and aluminum plastic composite pipes) under long-term constant internal pressure and constant temperature. It is a necessary testing equipment for plastic pipe manufacturers and testing institutions.

Equipment use
It is used to measure the maximum pressure value of the pressure resistant time or instantaneous burst of the thermoplastic pipe, composite pipe, aluminum plastic composite pipe and other pipes under the constant internal pressure and constant temperature for a long time.