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Moisture content tester


Moisture content tester

Moisture content
Halogen moisture meter
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1. Environmental requirements:
Halogen moisture meter should be used under the condition of normal laboratory or industrial measurement room, under which the weighing stability and accuracy of test results can be improved.
A. the ambient temperature shall be between 5 ℃ and 35 ℃, and the humidity shall be controlled below 85%;
B. the instrument shall be placed on a stable, fixed and grounded working platform (it is recommended to place it on a marble platform), and the working platform shall be placed in a place with less vibration interference;
C. the workbench shall be far away from doors and windows to reduce the impact of air flow and sunlight on the moisture meter;
D. the instrument shall be far away from objects and equipment with magnetism or capable of producing magnetic field, so as to avoid impact on the instrument;
E. avoid connection with large machines or equipment with interference to avoid interference from other equipment;
F. static electricity is easy to be generated in the dry environment, and corresponding measures can be taken to avoid the influence of static electricity on the instrument.
2. installation
2.1 place the windbreak: note that the small opening of the windbreak is facing the front, and the rear part is located by two bolts.
2.2 place the sample tray bracket at the center hole of the moisture meter: note that the sample tray bracket moves freely on the balance.
2.3 place the sample tray bracket: the end with handle is forward: pay attention to check that there is no interference with the sample tray bracket after the bracket is placed.
2.4 place the sample disk: place the sample disk on the sample disk bracket stably.
2.5 connecting the power supply
Insert the correct end of the power cord into the power input slot on the back of the moisture meter, and then connect the other end to the power output socket.
3. Instrument guide
Regulation level
The moisture analyzer has a level meter and two horizontal adjustment feet. In order to make up for the influence of the result of the slant and symmetry of the placement position in the weighing process, the horizontal feet can be adjusted until the horizontal bubble is in the center position.
Note: every time the position changes, the level must be readjusted!