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Electronic universal tensile testing machine pointer back to zero lag solution

Electronic universal tensile testing machine pointer back to zero lag solution

2019/12/21 14:51
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Electronicuniversaltensiletestingmachinepointerbacktozerolagsolution Originalauthor:Tianchengfourdetectiontechnology Establishedin2009,TaianTianchengTestingEquipmentCo.,Ltd.isanew-typetechnologyenterp
Electronic universal tensile testing machine pointer back to zero lag solution
Original author: Tiancheng four detection technology
Established in 2009, Taian Tiancheng Testing Equipment Co., Ltd. is a new-type technology enterprise integrating design, research and development, production and sales, after-sales maintenance, import and export trade. The company is located in the west of Tai'an, 5 km west of Tai'an Station.
Since the establishment of our company, we have continuously innovated and researched R&D, and have passed the EU CE certification and ISO9001 quality system certification. Our products cover all parts of the country and are exported to Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines, Myanmar, Thailand, Indonesia, Angola and Saudi Arabia. , Congo, Spain, Germany, Austria, Peru, the United States and other countries.
The selection of accessories for electronic universal tensile testing machine has a very important impact on the normal use of the late tensile machine. At present, there are many related products on the market. For the selection of accessories for the electronic universal tensile testing machine, the user must choose according to his actual situation. In general, the following factors can be considered when selecting an electronic universal tensile testing machine accessory.
1. For ordinary metal and non-metal samples, the jaws of the fixture are directly in contact with the sample. Generally, high-quality alloy structural steel, alloy high carbon steel (or low carbon alloy steel), cold work die steel, etc. are used. The heat treatment process (quenching tempering, carburizing and quenching, etc.) adds strength and wear resistance. Sometimes special steel is also placed at the jaws, or gold steel sand is applied to the jaws.
2. If it is an ordinary material, at this time, our accessories are made of high-quality medium carbon steel and alloy structural steel, and their mechanical functions are added through proper heat treatment process. In some cases, non-ferrous metals such as aluminum alloys and special metals are used to reduce the weight. Forged structures (cast steel, cast aluminum, etc.) are sometimes used.
3. If it is for some soft materials or some small experimental products, the appearance of the contact with the sample is generally made of soft rubber. (For example, the clamp holding surface of a sample such as a plastic film or a fiber).
As a user, you should also know some emergency treatment methods for emergency situations in the use of electronic universal tension machines. The more common ones include:
1. When the electronic universal tensile testing machine is loaded, the pointer vibrates or stops when it stops: 1) The clutch gear wears: it needs to be repaired or replaced;
2) The friction washer or spring wear of the friction disc: need to replace the leather washer or spring; 3) shift the joystick: adjust the joystick to fit the socket.
2, electronic universal tensile testing machine pendulum return position is too fast or too slow: 1) improper placement of the buffer valve position: adjust the buffer valve to the appropriate position;
2) The viscosity of the hydraulic oil is too low or too high: when the viscosity of the hydraulic oil is too low, the pendulum will fall back quickly, and when the viscosity is high, it will fall back slowly. The hydraulic fluid of the appropriate viscosity should be replaced.
3) The inside of the buffer valve, the oil pipe or the hydraulic oil is dirty: the buffer valve and the oil pipe are cleaned. Replace the hydraulic fluid.
3, the electronic universal tensile testing machine pointer back to zero lag or instability: 1) pointer bearing, spindle bearing corrosion or oil: cleaning or replacement of bearings.
2) The deformation of the rack bar or the gear rod does not mesh with the gear: straighten the rack or clean the gears such as gears and sheaves.
If you want to know more about the electronic universal tensile testing machine, please call Yangzhou Derui Instrument Co., Ltd.
Based on the enterprise spirit of “Quality creates brand, service seeks development”, the company constantly innovates and strives to build a after-sales team with exquisite technology and high quality service to spare customers from worries. We sincerely hope to cooperate with colleagues from all walks of life to create brilliant future. !