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Maintenance method and precautions for pipe hydrostatic testing machine

Maintenance method and precautions for pipe hydrostatic testing machine

2019/09/20 11:52
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Maintenance method and precautions for pipe hydrostatic testing machine

Taian Tiancheng Testing Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 2009 . It is a new-type technology enterprise integrating design, research and development, production and sales, after-sales maintenance , import and export trade. The company is located in the west of Tai'an, 5 kilometers west of Tai'an Station .


Since the establishment of our company , we have continuously innovated and researched R&D, and have passed the EU CE certification and ISO9001 quality system certification . Our products cover all parts of the country and are exported to Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines , Myanmar, Thailand, Indonesia , Angola and Saudi Arabia. , Congo, Spain, Germany, Austria, Peru, the United States and other countries .


Tiancheng testing equipment establishes the “five high” standard of high starting point, high goal, high quality, high efficiency and benefit, and manufactures  good quality products and obtains a broad sales market . Companies with a good reputation, strong strength, good products, low prices to serve the majority of users . Here is a general introduction to the maintenance methods and precautions for the pipe hydrostatic testing machine .


When using the pipe hydrostatic testing machine, in addition to some considerations to pay attention to, as well as the pipe hydrostatic testing machine maintenance methods need to understand , the following small series will lead everyone to understand.


Pipe instantaneous burst test refers to the rapid and continuous application of liquid pressure to a given length of plastic pipe sample to break the sample in a short time . The pressure value at the time of rupture of the sample was read, and the hoop stress was calculated. The pressure control system of the hydrostatic testing machine consists of two parts: the pressurized pipeline and the electric control . The pressurized pipeline inlet is externally connected with a pressure pump for pressurizing the specimen according to the test conditions , and the pressure of the sample is detected by the pressure transmitter. The pressure information is used to determine whether the pressure pump needs to be pressurized. Each circuit on the control cabinet is equipped with a solenoid valve. When the pressure is constant, the corresponding solenoid valve is closed. When the pressure is insufficient, the solenoid valve is opened for pressure compensation. The pressure compensation method of this test device adopts the advanced intermittent pressure compensation method to keep the pressure range constant. The output pressure of the control cabinet is connected by a high pressure hose to each sample port of the constant temperature water tank.



Maintenance method of pipe static hydraulic testing machine


1. The main unit and medium thermostat must be reliably grounded ;


2. The safety valves in the mainframes of this machine have been adjusted before leaving the factory, and should not be changed arbitrarily. If there is overpressure in a certain constant pressure during the test, it will not fall back, or the pressure will not be replenished after pressure relief.  In the above , the supplier should be consulted for appropriate adjustment;


3. Before the test, the main pressure regulating valve and the one-way blasting hand valve should be opened, the main pressure relief valve should be closed, and then operated according to the operating procedure;


4. Fill the high-pressure pump water tank with softened water, and add softened water at any time according to the situation. When using for the first time or after a long time of use, first open the pressure regulating valve and pressure relief valve of the main road to make the pressure The pump works for a few minutes to vent the air inside the tube and then operate according to the operating procedure;


5. If the electric contact pressure gauge and the test pressure value of each branch show frequent changes, there may be leakage. In time, check whether the corresponding branch circuit, the main pressure relief valve is closed, or check whether the sample clamping is tightly installed and the high pressure. Pipe connection status;


6, the output high pressure hose can not be used to directly lift the sample to avoid damage;


Precautions for operating the pipe hydrostatic testing machine.


1. Save the manual for reference. Be sure to read this manual carefully before using the instrument.


2. Do not place the instrument in an unstable place.


3. Use the instrument under specified power conditions.


4. Do not place anything on the mains power cord of the hydrostatic tester . Do not place the instrument where people can step on the power cord.


5. If the product uses an extension cord, make sure that the original wire and the extension cord are rated at the same current.


6. Do not move any of the panels of the instrument, do not place anything on the body. Failure to follow this procedure will result in a fire or electric shock. Do not spray any liquid on the main body .


With years of continuous development, the scale of Tiancheng testing equipment has continued to grow and develop. Our company has a comprehensive sales and after-sales team service, and has obtained extensive support from users in the factory. The company pays attention to product quality and provides perfect and meticulous service . For the company's melt flow rate measuring instrument, the company will not only deliver the goods on time, but also provide after-sales service.


Based on the enterprise spirit of “Quality creates brand, service seeks development”, the company constantly innovates and strives to build a after-sales team with exquisite technology and high quality service to spare customers from worries. We sincerely hope to cooperate with colleagues from all walks of life to create brilliant future. !